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The Ordinary Woman is my dream of bridging the ordinary perception of the truly extraordinary reality we face in every moment.

My first book of The Ordinary Woman series, Thoughts of an Ordinary Woman, is my dedication to all that seems ordinary, which in fact defines the very word extraordinary.

I share my real experiences with life, career, relationships, and parenting -- the successes and the failures. And within each experience, wisdom is revealed and an acknowledgement of where I still need to grow.

I hope that my experiences and thoughts broaden your view of the ordinary and sometimes mundane in your life. 

It is within the ordinary that we are presented with our next paths. Paths that if taken, eventually become the ordinary again. 

This is the very reason why the ordinary in our lives should be welcomed, as it is the gravel on our path to enlightenment.

Ordinarily yours,

Constance Natasha Mosher